Just a girl

Missing the lost // May 30, 2015
7:34 AM
I miss blogging, its been a long time since I haven't write an entry so here I am writing on my bed.
There's my friend here next to me, she was so happy now, yeah of course, she's got what she want.
She's so lucky.
I guess, Im lucky too, but still... the time didnt come approach yet.
I've been missing someone that I lost about 3 years ago ago.
It is my father.
Listening to see you again got my eyes wet. yeah, so it does
Ya Allah, I miss my father. I want to see him
Its hurt
Its very hurt
I've been so busy thinking about someone I shouldnt until I almost forgot about my obligation.
I feel stupid.
Wasting my time thinking, crying, for him. No, its not my father.
Its someone else, someone who I should't care
Yes, because he didnt even care about me.
Never do.
Sadly is, missing him is something I can't run from
I can't, even I tried so many times
When I told him about this, 
all he know is
told me to "endure" it
OK lets see

I need to be strong
I have to
Missing my father makes me stronger
I want to make him proud
I want to make him smile
I want to reach that goals
To succeed in SPM
Abi, I miss you.
So much.
I wish I could have an addmath lesson with you
I miss you so much
and I need you 

May Allah place you in a heaven